My double life

I never intended to stay here, but my less-traveled road led me 
to divide my time between two countries on different sides of 
the Atlantic.   It is a path that many with ambition plan to 
follow, eventually coming to a new home where they will live
out a life filled with beautiful scenery, art and excellent 
cuisine, leaving behind  others with more mundane aspirations.  
Italy has often been the imaginary view from a corner office,  
a measure of personal success.  It has also been relentlessly 
stereotyped in books and film, and I would like to offer another,
and possibly truer, perspective.

I have lived in Italy for over thirty years, coming here on 
a whim and staying year after year,  marrying and raising a 
family, creating a world here near a small southern town which
has never failed to interest me.   But if you are thinking of
the many stereotypical accounts by ex-patriots who have made 
a new life here and enthuse romantically about all things Italian,
I assure you the real story--my story--is different.  Of course
it is rich with olive trees, blue sea and stone towns, but there 
has been so much more that is wondrously strange, terrifying, 
indecipherable, and marvelously funny.   
My life here hasn't been what you might imagine at all.

painting:  "Il Vinello"  oil on canvas, 11 x 30 inches, 2010

3 thoughts on “My double life

  1. October 7,2011
    Hello Sandra, Ann forwarded the blogs to me and we have thoroughly enjoyed them.
    Looking forward to many more.
    Natalie (Howards Mom)

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